Dentist Office, Grand Junction, Colorado on the Redlands

Our Team:

Stephen L. Johnson, DDS

Jessica Gardner, RDH

Laurie Jones, Dental Assistant

Pauline Oleson, Dental Assistant

Cory, Dental Assistant

About Us

Dr. Johnson has over 40 years of experience in virtually all areas of dentistry. Moreover, he feels extremely fortunate to have a highly experienced and professionally superior staff. His employees have been with him for many years, up to 20 years. He feels it is this exceptional staff that makes his office efficient, happy and comfortable for all – patients and employees alike!

Stephen JohnsonDr Stephen L. Johnson

Dr Johnson and his wife, Nancy, have lived and worked on the Redlands, in Grand Junction, Colorado for over 30 years. Nancy is the school librarian at Broadway Elementary, located just across Broadway from Dr Johnson’s office. Steve and Nancy have four grown children: David, a musician and tennis pro; Elizabeth, a M.D.; Leslie, an organ donation nurse; and Richard, who is a lawyer in Denver, CO.


JessicaJessica Gardner, RDH

Jessica was born and raised in Grand Junction and loves living in Colorado. She graduated from Colorado Northwest Community College in 2012 and has been with us since 2014. Jessica is education oriented and provides our patients with thorough, gentle cleanings. Jessica is a favorite of virtually all of our patients and may be the best in a group of excellent hygenists in this office in the past 30 years.

LaurieLaurie Jones

Laurie Jones is a Dental Assistant who has worked with Dr. Johnson for twenty years. Laurie is a highly competent and experienced dental professional. Laurie also serves as our office manager. If you ever have questions or problems, Laurie can always help you.

PaulinePauline Oleson

Pauline is an extemely talented and experienced, expanded duties dental assistant with over 20 years experience. She has been at our office since 2013 and is truly entertaining as well as an excellent assistant.

CoryCorey Darrell

Corey is the newest edition to our staff. She has been with us since early 2017. She is a Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions. She has been in this field since 2013. Her charming personality makes everyone around her relaxed and comfortable. We are happy she is here.